Laser Hair Removal in Somerset, KY

Many men and women alike experience frustrations with unwanted body hair. This can be a purely aesthetic issue, or it can be a bigger problem that is beginning to affect the health of your skin and emotional well-being. Whatever the case may be, the specialists at Perennial Women’s Wellness are here to give you a permanent solution!

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The primary perk of laser hair removal treatments is that they disrupt hair growth for long periods of time. Multiple treatments are needed to achieve lifelong results, though a reduction in thickness and total quantity of hair is common.

There will be some pain, but it is very mild and can be managed using a variety of unique strategies. Every person’s pain tolerance will be a bit different, though many of our patients report that their treatments are even less painful than waxing. Our providers will be able to give you specific instructions for aftercare that will help to limit your discomfort.

Laser hair removal treatments are quite quick. Although you will need several treatments in order to receive optimal results, each pulse emitted by the laser will last for only a fraction of a second.

These treatments are applicable to almost all areas of the body both large and small. At Perennial Women’s Wellness, our laser hair removal specialists often target the bikini line, chest, back, stomach, legs, and face, though your options are endless!

How It Works

As you would expect given the name of this procedure, treatments are completed using a specialized laser. This laser delivers controlled pulses of heat to the hair follicles beneath your skin, which purposefully damage the follicles and prevent them from producing any hair.

That is really all there is to it! Your technician will check in to make sure that you are not in any significant pain, and will adjust if needed to make you more comfortable.

Setting Your Expectations

Laser hair removal treatments will vary in length, cost, and the total number of sessions needed depending upon the patient’s target areas. For example, treatment of the face will likely only require a few treatments lasting approximately 15 minutes each, while a treatment for both legs will be more extensive.

To address questions of cost and total treatments, please contact Perennial Women’s Wellness today to schedule a consultation with one of our local hair removal experts! We will be happy to thoroughly discuss all of your concerns about this procedure and how it can best benefit you!

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