Weight Loss Management in Somerset, KY

Medicine-Assisted Weight Loss

In 2016, Dr. Tara R. Horn opened her weight loss clinic to better assist patients on their weight loss journeys. This clinic was one of the first in the Lake Cumberland area and has been privately servicing hundreds of patients.

Dr. Horn and her staff completed specialized training in Atlanta in order to provide the utmost and most comprehensive program. Offering a personalized weight loss plan, medical grade high protein snacks, and meal replacements along with prescription weight loss medications, the program has helped achieve dramatic results for many women. Medication options are individualized for each patient.

Monthly Weight Loss Consultations

Weight loss consultations are monthly with Dr. Horn or the nurse practitioner and are $139.

What to Expect at Each Visit:

  • Weight will be taken
  • Body fat measured
  • Blood pressure checked
  • Pulse assessed
  • Waist circumference assessed

How to Prepare for Your First Visit

Please come by the office fasting for comprehensive labs at least one week prior to your appointment. The cost of the labs is $80.00.

A personalized plan will be created at the first visit but can be altered as necessary until optimal results are achieved. There is an entire library of caloric plans and also a meal plan if preferred. Weekly weigh-ins at the office are included in the cost.

Weight Loss Results

Our record-holding patient has achieved a 150-pound weight loss and maintained that weight loss for several years!!

weight loss
weight loss progress


Vitamin B12 (package of four for $69 or one for $18)

Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient that helps keep the brain and nervous system functioning normally. It is also plays a role in the formation of red blood cells and in fatty acid synthesis and energy production.

Lipotropic compounds enhance liver function and the gallbladder’s role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal. The key amino acids used in the shots are Choline, Methionine and Inositol.

Schedule Your Weight-Loss Consultation Today

Dr. Horn is highly trained in medicine-assisted weight loss. She will develop a personalized weight loss plan to help you achieve your desired results while providing monitoring to ensure optimal health on your weight loss journey. Let Dr. Horn help you achieve your goals by calling (606) 451-3145 to request a weight-loss consultation at our weight loss center in Somerset, KY.